Acquired Brain Injury

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ABI is a sudden injury to a person’s brain. This can affect their abilities in ways that may not be obvious. These include varying energy levels, how they process info; how they feel & react to stress, how they read, write or speak and in how they balance.

Top Tips:

  • Be patient 

  • Try to avoid making assumptions 

  • Ask the customer how you can be of assistance 

  • Bear in mind that a brain injury may cause someone to slur their words or walk unsteadily. 

  • A brain injury can affect a customer’s ability to speak, to understand you fully or to read or write. 

  • Try to face them while you are communicating and keep up comfortable eye contact. 

  • If you don’t understand what the customer says, don’t pretend to. Ask them to repeat what they said. 

  • Try using a pen and paper or gestures. 

  • Once you’ve asked a question, give the customer a little extra time to respond if they need it. 

  • Many people with brain injuries are sensitive to bright lights, distractions, noise and busy places. It these are affecting the customer, try to speak to them 1-2-1 in a quieter place. 

  • If the customer seems fatigued or stressed, offering them a seat in a quiet area may help.

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