BBC Report on Neatebox Button App

Neatebox had the pleasure of working with BBC reporter Ian Hamilton on June 27, 2016. The video piece highlighted the benefits of using Neatebox's "Button" app at pedestrian crossings. Button user Mike Harrison stated in the video interview:

"One of the difficulties I have with pedestrian crossing is sometimes getting close to the pole. Very often they are very much to the side and difficult to reach. There is one that I use occasionally where you've got to go into the bushes at the side before you can reach the button. Being able to come up to the crossing without having to get close to the pole would be an advantage for me."

Explaining how the product works Gavin Neate, founder and CEO of Neatebox, added:

It's really very simple. The person approaches the pedestrian crossing. The mobile phone, which is running the application, is in their pocket; it recognises the crossing and presses the button for them. The person then just waits for the audible signal and crosses the road. We install hardware into every single pole, every single box at the crossing, that sends out a signal - the mobile phone communicates with that, totally independent of the person and it's all happening in the background.

The video also briefly mentions the "Welcome" app by Neatebox. This technology can help improve customer service for people with accessibility needs in any venue . Ian Hamilton even mentioned how it could help him personally:

For someone who is totally blind like me and can see absolutely nothing, a big open space like this one can be very confusing particularly when you're trying to find the reception. It's hoped that the same technology could alert staff if a disabled person needs help.

For more of the transcript and to watch the BBC Video report follow this link:

BBC Neatebox Report