Blackwood Homes & Care Series on Understanding Disability

Blackwood Homes and Care have published a video series to explain how it feels to be disabled by infrastructure design and the way society is organised. These videos are extremely powerful to understand disability and why it is so important for customer service teams to be aware of the specific needs of their customers.


Understanding the Problem - David on being deaf

In this first video, David talks about situations when service staff's lack of awareness has prevented him from seeing the doctor or getting on the right flight. He would find it very relieving if customer service was aware of his needs before arrival to provide him with the right assistance.


Elaine on Neatebox' Welcome App

In this video, Elaine describes the frustration and anxiety involved in trying to navigate shops and venues with a visual impairment. It would make a big difference for her to be more independent and to be able to come into a store with the service person already knowing what assistance she requires.