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With Button you can use your mobile phone or smart watch to press the buttons at pedestrian crossings. It addresses the issue of inaccessible crossings for a person with a mobility or visual impairment.

The free app allows pedestrians to focus on positioning and alignment prior to crossing the street. Because of Button, you will be able to cross the road safely and with more confidence. 

The aim is to encourage people to walk more and to decrease the anxiety associated with the crossing process.


Key Benefits of Using Button

Icon illustrating time passing

More time to cross

You will start your crossing from the edge of the pavement, which will give you more time to cross.

Icon illustrating a safety certification

 Safer Crossing

As your phone presses the button for you, you can focus on alignment and positioning ahead of the crossing.

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Reduced Anxiety

With the automatic button push, you don't have to worry about locating the pole or getting near to it.


Download Button for Free


Here is how you can start using Button:

  1. Download the app to your smartphone

  2. Create an account login

  3. Enable your Bluetooth

  4. Cross hassle-free


Gavin explaining Button to Mike next to the crossing at RBS
One of the difficulties I have with pedestrian crossing is sometimes getting close to the pole. There is one that I use occasionally where you’ve to go into the bushes before you can reach the button. Being able to come up to the crossing without having to get close to the pole is a big advantage for me.
— Mike H.
Zoe with her dog on a chilly winter day
To push the pedestrian box button, I have to turn my chair side on and it becomes really unbalanced. It’s quite scary. With the Button app, I don’t have to get near the pole. It helps me to cross the road more safely and confidently due to the extended crossing times.
— Zoe M.
Chris in his power chair waiting for lights to change so he can cross
“It’s amazing. It means I can just walk up to the lights and the button will have been pushed automatically. No need to ask someone to do it for me and it gives you more time to cross. I think it will benefit disabled people everywhere and could also help elderly who need more time to cross.”
— Participant at Largs Market Research Study

Request a Crossing 



Within the Button app there is the ability to “Request a Crossing”. With this feature you can let us know about any inaccessible crossing on your daily journey. We take the request directly to the local council and let them know that individuals in their area want this service.

Name *

You can also look at crossings that have already been requested by other users and support them. Strength sometimes does come in numbers, so the more users are requesting the same crossing, the better the chances that the council installs Button! 


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