Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQ

Can a person who is blind use a smartphone?

Yes! Accessibility features in mobile phones, computers and many forms of other technology have advanced quickly in recent years.

When are the Welcome and Button app going to available for download?

Both apps are now available for download for both Android and iOS phones. 

Welcome Download:
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Button Download:
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What if the answer to my question is not in this list?

We hope to answer most questions in our FAQ; however, if your answer isn’t here then please “Contact Us” and we will answer your question directly. We will add your original question and the answer to the FAQ for future viewers to benefit from.

Welcome FAQ

Generally, what is Welcome?

The Welcome system combines a free app for people with disability and a cloud-based platform for customer service staff. 

The Welcome app is a way for customers to receive better customer service in the venues they visit. Through disclosure of visible or hidden disabilities and individual requirements the customer can have a relaxed and inclusive experience at any venue with the Welcome technology.

Businesses will have access to the cloud-based Welcome platform which informs staff of direct needs of your customers with minimum hassle and effective use of time. It provides disability training refreshers and only includes information that the customer wants to disclose.

Who can use Welcome?

The welcome app is split into to two categories. Firstly, the “User” app and secondly the “Business” platform.
The Welcome app is free for users, can be used by anyone and is completely inclusive.
The Business side of is the Welcome platform for venues, which can be viewed on a web browser. The platform is also completely inclusive and is built to be set up and used by multiple business types. 

What is the difference between Welcome for the "User" and Welcome for the "Business"?

They both serve the same purpose of making customer service more efficient and more disability aware.

The “User” side of Welcome is a free app. The app takes simple information and helps improve communication between the customer and customer service teams at the venue they wish to visit. It also provides the option to set arrival time, allows notice for delays, give venue ratings, create a favourites list and even request venues that they want to install the technology.

The “Business” side of Welcome is a cloud-based web platform. It allows the business to receive multiple user requests and organises the staff requirements for the visits. It also allows the ability to view ratings to improve the customer experience for future visits.

Am I required to display any information as a "User" on the Welcome app?

The app will require the submission of a name and location. After that, the submission of information is subject to what you wish to disclose. The more information you disclose about your needs, the more the venues will be able to provide in support. So we encourage users to provide necessary accessibility needs and requirements.

What if a venue I want isn't on the Welcome Venue list?

We have the “Request” feature for all venues not available with the Welcome system. In the app settings, you will be able to complete a form to tell us about venues you would like to visit with Welcome. That sends a notification to the Neatebox team and we are able to sign up venues much quicker if they see that people in their area want it. 
It’s a way we like to work with our supporters to create a system by which involvement is rewarded with what the customer actually wants!

What can I do if I am having trouble setting up the Welcome App?

We have several channels to communicate through; however, the fastest would be to email 

What devices is the Welcome app available on?

The Welcome app is available on the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store.

What devices is the Welcome platform available on?

For Businesses, the Welcome platform is a cloud-based web application that can be accessed from any device such as PC, tablet or mobile device.

Button FAQ

Generally, what is the Button App?

The Button app is for providing an accessible alternative for those with mobility or visual impairments to cross the street confidently. Before leaving home just turn on the app and enable "auto press" in the settings.  Upon arrival, the Button-enabled crossing button will be automatically pressed to allow you to position yourself at the most comfortable spot and cross when safe.

In the future, we hope to apply this same technology to multiple button solutions like door entry, elevators, etc.

Who can use the Button?

The Button app can be used by anyone and is built to be inclusive but it is mainly designed for those with physical impairments. This ranges from people with visual impairments to those with mobility impairments. It facilitates for permanent and temporary impairment.

Am I required to display any information as a "User" on the Button app?

You need to signup with your email address and password to use the application. For the app to work you must have Bluetooth switched on. When you are in proximity of a Neatebox Button Crossing your phone will automatically connect and you can push the button. You can then follow the audible signal, tactile cone or green man signal to know when it is safe to cross.

We don’t need to track your location to use this application.

We are working hard to add additional features such as the phone showing you when to cross. These will be added to the application later in the year.