Huntington’s Disease


Huntington’s disease is a complex neurological condition. Those impacted by HD may eventually lose the ability to walk,eat, drink, make decisions or care for themselves - requiring support for most or all of their activities on a 24 hour basis.

Top Tips:

  • Allow the person more time to communicate; people with HD retain the ability to understand what is happening and make decisions, but the speed at which they can process information is slowed. 

  • If you are having difficulty understanding someone’s speech, repeat back what you have heard or the part you have understood and ask if you have understood correctly. 

  • People with HD can look drunk because of their poor balance and coordination; this is just part of their illness so don’t make assumptions that they are intoxicated. 

  • If someone with HD has mobility problems because of their balance it is fine to offer them an arm to hold onto, but many people with the condition value their independence and will want to manage by themselves. 

  • It can be more difficult for someone with HD to control their emotions and so they may be more prone to getting upset or angry if things are going wrong. If you encounter someone in this situation avoid being confrontational, listen and do your best to su 

  • Some people with HD find it difficult to wait for help or support; they aren’t being difficult, this is just a feature of their condition. The best way to support them is to provide the help they need promptly. 

  • If the person has a carer with them, remember they too may need support, especially in managing a situation where the person with HD is upset, so be empathetic with them too.

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