Welcome by Neatebox

The inclusive customer service app to empower you to get better and disability-confident customer service. 


Use 'Welcome by Neatebox' to ensure that your specific needs are met upon arrival

Welcome is a free app which allows you to request visits to participating venues, indicating the areas you need customer service to have awareness of and the assistance you require. The venue will be notified of the visit request and receives an overview of your disability and top tips to aide the interaction with you. Upon your arrival at the venue, the customer service team will be aware of your needs and will come and meet you.


Key Benefits of Using Welcome

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Receive better customer service

The customer service team will receive an instant training reminder in order to help them address your specific needs and increase their awareness. 

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The app allows you to communicate your needs more efficiently to the customer service team. This builds the foundation for an enjoyable interaction with the staff. 

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Welcome gives you the confidence that your condition and needs are understood and will be met upon arrival at the venue.


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