Special Assistance at Edinburgh Fringe
with 'Welcome by Neatebox'

Welcome is a free app which allows you to request support when you arrive at the High Street, indicating the areas you need our team to have awareness of and the assistance you require. The street team will be notified of the visit request and receive an overview of your disability and top tips to aide the interaction with you.

We implemented this service to ensure that your needs are met upon arrival and believe that it will improve your experience on the High Street. 


Download "Welcome by Neatebox"

Entrance to Virgin Money Half Price Hut
Fringe performers on stage looking shocked with their hands on their mouths
Fringe Volunteers on the box office

Find out more about accessibility at the Fringe

The fringe team are committed to ensuring that the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is as inclusive as possible. You find out more about what they are doing here https://www.edfringe.com/experience/access-at-the-fringe

Read more about the Fringe Disabled Access Day 2019 held in the run up to this years Fringe 2019. https://www.edfringe.com/learn/news-and-events/thanks-to-all-who-attended-fringe-disabled-access-day-2019


Where can you use 'Welcome'? 

High Street Events

The Street team will be on hand to assist everyone who uses the 'Welcome' app from the ends of High Street, i.e. the Fringe Archways, to the stages of the High Street events. This extra help in navigating the busy streets will make your Fringe experience much more enjoyable.

Other Edinburgh venues

The 'Welcome' app is also used in other venues around Edinburgh, like Edinburgh Airport Departures, Edinburgh Printmakers, Jenners House of Fraser & DoubleTree Hilton along with others.

Make sure you use the app for a more inclusive experience at participating venues


Guide to use 'Welcome'


User opening the Welcome app on their phone.

Set up Welcome

Before you book your first visit, make sure the app is set up with all the necessary information.

  1. Sign up with your emails and password

  2. Create your profile:

    • Add a photo so staff know who you are

    • Indicate areas you want customer service to have awareness of

    • Select what you the types of assistance you usually require

  3. Browse venues you can visit

Michelle looking at the DoubleTree Hilton Edinburgh City Centre profile on the Welcome app

Book your Visit

Now that your profile is set up, go ahead and book your first visit. 

  1. Go to the venue profile and click "Going"

  2. Share your details:

    • Select a time band for you visit (up to 2 weeks in advance)

    • Tell the venue staff about your specific needs during the visit. Make sure you use the additional comments field.

  3. Make sure you have your bluetooth and location sharing enabled (phone settings)

Sabrina sitting at restaurant table leaving feedback for a Welcome venue in the app.

Tell us about your Visit

We'd love to hear how you enjoyed your visit. One day after your visit, Welcome will notify you of the possibility to leave feedback. You can also email us at hello@neatebox.com. This will help not only the venue staff in improving their customer service but will also give us essential input on how to improve the app. 

Don't forget to also leave a review on Euan's Guide, Access Advisr or MeIncluded