Charities Featured in Welcome

Welcome is a smartphone-enabled communication system that automatically informs the service team of a person's specific needs both in advance and immediately before arrival. It provides the service team with an overview of the person's condition and "top tips" relevant to the initial interaction in advance of their visit.  Both the overview and the top tips have been given to us by leading charities in the relevant areas. 



Alzheimer's Society

Visual Impairment with Guide Dog

Guide Dogs for the Blind


Scottish Autism


Profound Hearing Loss

Action on Hearing Loss

Hearing Impairment

Action on Hearing Loss


Epilepsy Action

ataxia_web (1).jpg


Ataxia UK

headway .jpg

ACquired Brain InJUry

Headway Ireland

Huntington’s disease

Scottish Huntington’s Association


Do you have any feedback on the overview and top tips or would like us to add further conditions to the app? Email us at