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What is Welcome?

The ‘Welcome’ App is part of a new Customer Service Platform which has been designed to support customer service teams in the delivery of service for disabled visitors, whilst at the same time providing this customer with the confidence that their needs will be met on their arrival at a given location.

The immense challenge for Service Teams is to know exactly what is required of them when a person with additional requirements arrives. With disabled people travelling and living more independently than ever before it is imperative that customer service teams are comfortable offering services specific to the requirements of their customer.

‘Welcome’ alerts the Service Team of the customer’s arrival and provides both general and specific information pertinent to the visitors needs.

The system sends notifications at three points:

  • At the moment the visitor books a trip to your location

  • As the visitor comes within a certain distance of the venue utilising a GPS signal or GeoFence.

  • As the visitor arrives at your entrance utilising beacon installations.

Platform Login

This guide will help you log in to the retail facing aspect of the ‘Welcome’ platform and prepare you for your first visitor.

Step 1: Open browser and search https://welcome.neatebox.com .

Step 2: Enter “Username” and “Password” for venue login (please find the details on the first page).

Welcome Platform Login

Welcome Platform Login

Step 3: Click “Venue” tab and edit venue details with the pencil icon .

Welcome Login Screen

Welcome Login Screen

The Neatebox team will support you to create the initial profile, however, in this tab, you can update/change the address, contact details for your venue, opening hours, general information, accessibility features and assistance provided.

Step 4: Fill in all General Information fields.

Tips for specific fields:

  • Logo: 500x500 px, max 2 MB, png or jpeg file format

  • Email: Where notification emails will be sent to

  • Venue Type: Category of the venue.

  • Unplanned Visits: This means that users can visit your venue without booking ahead of time. You will be notified when the users arrive at the entrance and you will be able to review their profile before greeting them.

  • General Information: 200-character limit, General overview and details about venue, or important operations information for visitors.

  • Accessibility Features: 200-character limit, Examples: Wheelchair access, Accessible toilets, Accessible bedrooms, Double doors with no step, Automatic doors, Lift to all floors, Wi-Fi

  • Assistance Provided: 200-character limit, Examples: Assistance at front door, Friendly greeting, Seating at front door, Sighted Guide trained staff

  • Website: Link to the venues main website or additional accessibility features.

  • Euans Guide URL & Disabled Go URL: Link to any reviews about the venue listed on Euans Guide or Accessable (The new name for DisabledGo)

General Information Tab

General Information Tab

Step 5: Fill in the Address Information of your Venue.

The Geofence Radius will define when you will get the “nearby” notification.

We recommend a range between 150 and 500 meters.

Address Information

Address Information

Step 6: Enter opening hours in 24 hrs format.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Step 7: Select the requirements that your venue can offer to Welcome users.

Requirements Page

Requirements Page

Step 8: The initial user will be created by the Neatebox team, but you can add additional users by clicking Edit, Add and filling out the relevnat details (Name, Email Address and User Type (Admin/User)

Venue Users

Venue Users

Add a user

Add a user

Step 9: The Beacon tab will be completed by the Neatebox team, and the beacon will be sent to you for placement at the entrance/arrival point as agreed with Neatebox.

Prepare for Visits

This guide will help you prepare you for your visitors using Welcome.

Step 1: Login to your profile on https://welcome.neatebox.com.

Step 2: Click Visitors tab and prepare for visit.

  • You can view all upcoming visits pending, planned and cancelled or declined.

  • You can click on the View button to review the user details, requirements and further information along with being able to action the visit.

  • Under the status field you can see the current status.

    • Status Overview

      • Pending - This is a new visit planned by a user and should be actioned to inform the user you are aware they wish to visit and accept it.

      • Planned - The visit has been accepted and awaiting the arrival of the user as per the time stated.

      • Nearby - The user has trigger the geofence and will be arriving at the venue shortly, typically within 5-10mins depending on the range and arrival point.

      • Arrived - The user has arrived at the beacon location and triggered the arrival. They will have been informed that you are on route to meet them.

      • Cancelled - The user has cancelled the planned visit.

      • Declined - The venue has declined the visit.

Visitors Tab.png

This tab shows the upcoming visits for today, tomorrow or all time.

Customer Service Staff can review and action each of them and make sure they are aware of the specific assistance required.

Welcome Tabs Explained

To give you a better idea of the components of the Welcome platform, we have added screenshots with an explanation of each tab below.

Visitors Page

Customer Profile Page

Customer Profile

Customer Profile

  1. Return to Customer Page:

    • After viewing the Customer Profile Page this button provides a route back to the previously viewed page.

  2. Customer Profile:

    • Includes customer’s photo, name, requirements, and email.

  3. Number of Visits:

    • This number will indicate how many times this customer has visited your venue.

    • This is helpful so staff can check if someone else has helped this specific customer before.

  4. Time of Visit and Status:

    • The green number to the left of the box will indicate the customer’s “Time of Visit”.

    • The text to the right will indicate the status of the visitor (ie Late, Cancelled or On Time.)

  5. Requirements:

    • This window will allow the staff to view any specific accessibility requirements like ramps, BSL instructors, etc. There is also an option to submit custom needs like “Please help me to find the milk” etc.

  6. Overview

    • This tab will give any information required for the staff to better understand the customer's disability with a brief overview of the condition.

  7. Top Tips

    • Top tips will be provided on the the customer's disability. These tips are provided by leading charities in the disability sector. In some cases a URL will be provided in the top tips area to learn more when the staff have time.

  8. Resources

    • Links to the disability charity that has provided the overview and top tips.


Do you still have problems? Please get in touch at hello@neatebox.com