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Welcome addresses the issue of inadequate customer service for visitors with specific accessibility requirements caused by a lack of disability awareness and confidence of staff members. 

This free app allows you to request visits to participating venues, indicating the areas you need customer service to have awareness of and the specific assistance you require. Venues are notified of the visit request and receive an overview of your condition and top tips to aid their interaction with you. 

The aim is to facilitate the communication between customers and customer service staff to create long-lasting and mutually respectful relationships.


Key Benefits of Using Welcome

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 receive Better service

The customer service team will receive an instant training reminder in order to help them address your specific needs and increase their awareness. 

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Communicate with Ease

The app allows you to communicate your needs more efficiently to the customer service team. This builds the foundation for an enjoyable interaction with the staff. 

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Consume with Confidence

Welcome gives you the confidence that your condition and needs are understood and will be met upon arrival at the venue.


Download Welcome for Free


Here is how you can start using 'Welcome':

  1. Download the app to your smartphone

  2. Create an account login

  3. Set up your profile with a picture of yourself and the areas you would like staff to have awareness of

  4. Browse venues on app and set up a visit indicating the assistance you require

  5. Enjoy improved customer service


Kimberley and John having a chat at our Welcome launch in front of the bar of DoubleTree Hilton
I do have a great, great interest in this app. I get very frustrated by going places and being ignored and people not wanting to talk to me because I am in a wheelchair.
— John L.
Angela and her guide dog Uffa being welcomed at the door of DoubleTree Hilton
Currently, I can’t find staff in shops if I need assistance. This app solves this, as staff knows I am here and how to best assist me.
— Angela W.
Ken being greeted with a handshake by Molly, receptionist at Edinburgh Printmakers.
There is nothing quite like the Welcome app, that’s geared towards enabling businesses to greet me and help me to achieve what I have come to their premises for.
— Ken R.


Request a Venue


Within the Welcome app there is the ability to “Request a Venue”. This means that even if your favourite venues do not have the Welcome app installed, you have the ability to be part of our sales team! We take the request directly to the venue and let them know that individuals in their area want this service.

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You can also look at venues that have already been requested by other users and support them. Strength sometimes does come in numbers, so the more users are requesting the same venue, the better the chances that this venue installs Welcome! 


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