Visual Impairment


Visual Impairment represents a range of conditions, from people with very limited vision to people who can see light but no shapes to people who have no light perception at all.

Top Tips:

  • Always introduce yourself. Don’t assume they will recognise your voice.
  • Ask people who are blind or have low vision what they want or what would be helpful.
  • Do not walk away from a visually impaired person without indicating that you are doing so.
  • Do not be afraid to use words like "look" and "see"; they are part of everyday language and avoid people feeling uncomfortable.
  • Always ask if they would like to be guided and ask how they would like this to be carried out. NB never take the person's arm before you have this information.
  • Remember the person is being guided by you so you should be in front. Mention any potential hazards that lie ahead when moving around the building.
  • Name the person when directing a question to the person if they are in a group
  • Use accurate and specific language when giving directions. For example “the door is on your left” rather than “the door is over there”.

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