Visual Impairment with Guide Dog

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A Guide Dog is a recognised mobility aid which can improve a visually impaired person's mobility. Guide Dog owners have undergone specific training and their dogs have routine health checks. It is against the law not to allow entry.

Top Tips:

  • Please introduce yourself first at the start of any conversation.
  • Please do not touch, distract or feed my guide dog.
  • If needing to move please ask me if I need "sighted guide". (More information on sighted guide can be found via the Guide Dogs link.)
  • Always ask if they would like to be guided and ask how they would like this to be carried out. NB never take the person's arm before you have this information.
  • Precise verbal directions are really useful – expressions like “it is this way” or “it’s across the concourse” are not helpful.
  • Remember to say goodbye before you go, so that I know you have finished assisting me!

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